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Out of state move in
We are moving to the area from out of state. Moving comes with its own stress but add being out of state and it gets more challenging. Mckenzie S. has been incredibly helpful and patient with us. We can't see the complex or the unit with our own eyes so we relied on her quite a bit. She helped make this process easier to get though and I'm excited for our upcoming move. I can't wait to get there. Thank you Mckenzie!


I had an incredible experience moving in and Mckenzie S. was super awesome in helping me get everything lined up!


I was really impressed with how they handled the entire process of getting an apartment. I dealt with Kirsten T. and she helped me from beginning to end. She did a fantastic job! She explained to me everything that needed done and was willing to answer every question. Kirsten was kind and courteous. She made sure my apartment was perfect before handing over the key. The apartment is awesome. It's clean and well taken care of. The facilities at South Fork look amazing. It has a gym and a pool. The process for paying rent can be done online which I love. I'm very happy with the entire process. I would highly recommend South Fork Apartments.


We recently moved to Gillette after a lot of investigation & searching for different apartments that fit our needs, my husband & I decided to go with South Fork. We were extremely happy with the experience we had to get us here. The staff here are very nice and helpful. We worked with Kirsten Troyer at South Fork Gillette, who was our leasing agent. She moved us through the process swiftly, without any issues or problems and made this move easier and painless than we ever thought possible. We really like the quality of the apartment unit we got here and the location near the Rec Center is perfect. We would recommend this property for anyone looking for a nicely run and clean property to make your home in Gillette.


Kirsten was so helpful in making sure that all the details were in place for me to move into my apartment in a timely manner. The whole staff went above and beyond. My apartment is lovely, spacious and I have brand new carpet!


Kirsten was super helpful with getting us into our apartment, and she went above and beyond to make sure our new home was perfect!


South fork Apartments has great staff and are very accommodating. Kirsten is very nice and willing to help you in any way she can.


As a vendor for Southfork , I can easily say that Working with Lorna has been amazing. Lorna is accommodating to every situation and is very organized, our company appreciates having such a great working relationship with her and her staff!


Great Staff!
We have always appreciated the staff at Southfork Apts!! As a vendor and former client they have been great to work with. Lorna runs a tight ship and is very organized!!


Safest/Cleanest Apartments in Gillette!!
We lived at South Fork apartments for one year. During that year we felt safe and comfortable there. My children loved the space they had in their rooms! We had a 3 bed 3 bathroom apt. We still miss the space there! If we ever had a problem Lorna Hall took care of it we always knew we could count on her and that kept us there was her efficiency and quick responses to our needs there!!! Thank you Lorna Hall for all you did for us at South Fork!! ☺️